Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Door color...

We're less than a month away from completion on our brand new house. It's really very exciting. I've been meeting with landscapers and making final detail decisions. After a ton of rain and delays, the house was finally painted this week.

It went from this:

To this:

Obviously, there is still some detail work that will be finished with the trim.

Originally, I had been convinced that I wanted a red door-a gray house with a red door.

Something along these lines:

But then somewhere along the line, the color we chose ended up being a bit more blue than gray (and that's ok!).

Trent, our foreman, also told us that the door is "stain grade" and that we'd be killing him to paint it instead of stain it.

So then our possibilities expanded to staining it the same color as our interior floors (Ranch Oak):

Or painting the door black, preferably with the side lights white like this:

Of course, if I lived with someone other than my husband, maybe I'd have the possibility of a lime green or orange door. But who are we kidding here?

So what would you have chosen? We've decided...but maybe I'll share the photo in a future post...

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